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Know every individual audience member and contact them at any time.

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It all begins with a spark

Your audience should be in your control.

Whether you're looking to distribute your content to the public or to a select few - Embershot puts the power in your hands. Set it ablaze and go viral with Direct Audience. Keep it strictly private with Work Projects. Whatever your needs may be....

Your audience, your content, your call.


  • Safely share content on social media so that you maintain control
  • Decide if and when your content can be shared with others
  • Prevent unwanted downloading and printing
  • Deter screenshots
  • Set expiration dates and self-destruct timers when sharing
  • Revoke privileges anytime
  • Encrypt files at rest and in transit


  • Collect contact details from all viewers
  • Capitalize on VIP users who are willing to pay for exclusive content
  • Seamlessly monetize exclusive content
  • Let your followers share with their followers, creating maximum reach
  • Easily share content on the go


  • Real time numbers tell you how often your content has been seen, copied, printed, or shared
  • Collect the names and emails of those who view your content
  • Know the geographical location of your viewers
  • Transaction logs include IP address and geolocation

We provide a simple way for you to communicate with your audience and distribute your content.

Communicate directly with SMS or Email. Share your content publicly or only with a select few. Our customizable tools, such as Direct Audiences and Work Projects provide you the reach, control, and versatility you need to own your audience. Whether you are an individual content creator or a multi-national brand, Embershot has an account type to suit your needs.



for individuals with content

$29 Monthly

Keep your files from expiring and get 50 ad-free shares a month.
50 Ad-Free Shares
No Expiration
500 MB File Size Limit
Phone Support


for content distributors and teams

$100 Monthly Per Project

+ $29 Standard Fee
Powerful collaboration tools with multi admin capabilities, plus guaranteed ad-free viewing.
2,500 Ad-Free Shares ($0.03 per share after 2,500)
No Expiration
4 GB File Size Limit
Personal Account Manager


for content creators and brands


Best in class communication and content distribution for creating and growing a direct relationship with your audience.
Message from 1 to 1 MILLION People
Audience AI easily target top fans
Schedule messages for the future
Lock content to audience groups

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Need help deciding? Contact us today and we will help you determine which plan is right for you.

If you are interested in an Enterprise account for multiple users, please contact us.

Feel safe knowing Embershot is protecting your content.


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